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Bella Ranch is a 501(c)(3)non-profit (pending) that focuses on rehabbing senior horses, unwanted horses, and neglected horses. Additionally, we provide children in foster homes and veterans the opportunity to groom and ride horses at no cost. We operate by providing trail ride services, horseback riding lessons, birthday parties, summer camps and more to fund our horses and our events for veterans and foster children but it rarely ever covers the cost. Donations help tremendously to schedule charity events, keep up with the never-ending maintenance of the ranch, provide veterinary care, farrier care, proper feed and hay for the horses...100% of your donation goes back to the horses or providing the opportunity for them to spend time with our veterans and foster children.





What does Bella Ranch need?

Running a ranch requires a lot of equipment. We are in need of...

- a tractor

- a ATV/UTV (think Polaris Ranger, John Deere Gator, etc for running errands on farm, transporting grain)

- equipment to build fences (wood boards, posts)


What do the horses need?

One horse will eat roughly one round bale a month. We currently have 15 horses, some of which are our senior horses and the others who help provide services that pay for the senior horses. Currently, round bales run $100 each, costing about $1500 a month for all of the horses ($1000 of this is for our senior/disabled horses). 


Horses require farrier care once every 6-8 weeks. For our senior/disabled horses, this is about $600 every 6-8 weeks. Some horses require shoes, which can cost up to 3 times more than a simple trim.

To donate to horse-specific needs, click here.

To "sponsor" one of our current rehabbing horses costs about $500. This allows us to provide proper farrier and veterinary care in addition to feed and hay costs. Right now, we only have two horses that are available for sponsoring - these two horses are either unrideable or unusable for our riding program, so they are just living out their lives here as grooming/non-mounted therapy horses. 



What do our foster children need?

You can purchase a private lesson for a child in foster care for $60 each (1 hour lesson).



After receiving your donation, we will write you a Thank You letter that you can use to receive your tax exemption. Yes, donations are tax exemptions!

To make a donation, please email us at

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