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Meet Our Staff

The Best Educators

Our incredible team is truly the heart of Bella Ranch Horseback Riding. It’s their dedication, passion and talent that keeps students invested in the learning process. Take a look below to learn more about the team.


Melissa & Bernie Eskins

The Founders

Family Dream Turned Reality

Melissa and Bernie Eskins bought their property in 2009 with one goal in mind - to provide their daughters, Madeline and Allison, with a home where they could live alongside their horses, Gusto and Suede, and fulfill their childhood dreams. The desire to live with their horses and step away from boarding them eventually led to the inception of Bella Ranch.​ 

Growing Compassion for Horses

 What started as a dream quickly grew into a passion for the family, and their initial "collection" of horses grew over time. The Eskins family continued to take in unwanted, neglected horses that needed a loving home. This deep compassion for horses pushed them to establish a sanctuary that would provide care and shelter for horses in need of assistance.

Bella Ranch is Born

The small two-horse farm quickly evolved into Bella Ranch, named after their beloved dog Bella who was the ranch mascot from 2009 to 2015. Their unwavering commitment to the welfare of horses has made a significant impact in the community. 

Balancing Teaching and Passion

When not at the Ranch, Melissa and Bernie Eskins are full-time teachers. Their commitment to educating both humans and horses is evident in their work, showcasing their exceptional ability to balance their passion for horses with their commitment to nurturing young minds. Melissa and Bernie Eskins's passion for horses, from fulfilling their own daughters' dreams to establishing a home for rescued horses in need, is a testament to their compassionate nature. It is their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts that have made Bella Ranch a significant part of the equestrian community.



Director/Barrel Racing Coach

Family Connection

Madeline, the eldest daughter of Bernie and Melissa, is the driving force behind her family's deep commitment to horses. Her love for these magnificent beings has been a defining characteristic since her childhood. 


Early Riding Lessons

 Madeline's passion for horses intensified when she began taking horseback riding lessons at Licciardello Farms at the age of 8. With each lesson, her connection with horses grew stronger, setting her on an unyielding path towards becoming an accomplished rider.


Barrel Racing and Heart Horse

At the age of 9, Madeline's dedication to the equestrian world led her to find her heart horse, Suede. This special bond propelled her into the exhilarating world of barrel racing, and by the age of 10, she was already competing in this thrilling discipline. 


Inspiring Others

 Drawing from her own experiences and the knowledge gained from instructors and clinics, Madeline began teaching beginner lessons to local children when she was just 15 years old. Her dedication to nurturing young riders has resulted in some of her students becoming successful barrel racers while participating in college rodeo. 


Balancing Passion and Profession

When she isn't managing the Ranch, Madeline works as an ICU nurse in the Houston area, showcasing her exceptional ability to balance her passion for horses with her commitment to caring for others. Her nurturing nature extends beyond the equestrian world, making her an asset to both her patients and the riding community.


A Vision for the Future

As Madeline embarks on her journey as a mother to Ryder and Callie, she hopes to instill the same passion for horses in her children as she has carried throughout her life. She dreams of witnessing her children develop a deep connection with these incredible animals and embracing the equestrian lifestyle.

Madeline's unwavering passion for horses, her dedication to teaching, and her ability to balance her equestrian pursuits with her profession as an ICU nurse make her an exceptional role model and instructor. Whether you're a beginner seeking to start your riding journey or an experienced rider looking to enhance your skills, Madeline's expertise and enthusiasm will guide you towards achieving your equestrian goals. 


Olga Morozov

Head Instructor/Barn Manager


 Olga Morozov is an experienced riding instructor who joined our team with a passion for horses and teaching. Originally from Russia, she moved to The Woodlands in 2008. 


Horse Riding Experience

 Olga has been riding horses since she was 6 years old, giving her over 20 years of riding experience. Throughout her journey, she has gained a deep understanding of horse behavior and training techniques. 


Teaching Philosophy

 Olga's main goal as a riding instructor is to create a safe and enjoyable environment for riders of all levels. She believes in making people feel comfortable around horses and helping them develop a strong bond with these majestic creatures. 


Focus on Achievable Goals

 Olga understands that every rider has their own unique aspirations and abilities. She specializes in helping riders and students set small, achievable goals. By doing so, she empowers her students to recognize and appreciate the progress they make in their riding journey. 


Adventurous Nature

 In her free time, Olga loves to go camping and immerse herself in the beauty of nature. She has a deep love for all animals and believes in the importance of fostering a connection between humans and the animal kingdom.

If you're looking for a dedicated and experienced riding instructor who will guide you towards achieving your riding goals while prioritizing your safety and enjoyment, Olga Morozov is the perfect choice.

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