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Our Nonprofit

Dedicated to providing therapy for humans and horses.

Horse Rider

Our Story

Bella Ranch Riding Therapy and Equine Senior Rescue is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing veterans, foster children and more with free riding therapy and equine therapy. In addition to providing these services, we provide rehabilitation and a safe place to land for senior horses, neglected horses, and horses with disabilities. 

Where We Started

The Eskins' family bought their first horse, Gusto, in 2008. Gusto was a stunning 4 year old Belgian/Appaloosa cross. However, after a year, the family noticed something was wrong.

Gusto was going blind.

The Eskins' were distraught. Their poor baby was going blind. The facility that the Eskins' kept him at pushed them to sell the horse, claiming he would be a danger to himself and others. However, the Eskins' did not listen. They moved to their own place, their own property... and Gusto thrived. 

Gusto is now 20 years old and is one of many impaired horses here. Most of our horses have some type of disability that we manage - arthritis, EPM, blindness or partial blindness. However, we have dedicated ourselves to creating a suitable environment for them and providing the necessary care for them to thrive. Their quality of life is most important. By working closely with our veterinarian, Dr. Giulianna Templeton of Diamond GM Equine, most of our horses live completely normal and comfortable lives.

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